​In June 2014, Sherry Weddell, co-founder of the Catherine of Siena Institute (CSI), crossed the Atlantic to introduce the Called and Gifted Charism Discernment process to the Portsmouth diocese, UK. Over 250 participants took part. From these a small team of Called and Gifted Teachers and Discernment Facilitators were selected, trained and licensed to deliver Called and Gifted in parishes across the Portsmouth diocese. One of the early leaders of Called and Gifted later became Head of Divine Renovation UK
After 6 years, over 2000 participants had been guided through the Charism discernment process with registrations coming in regularly from different parts of the country.

In January 2019, a teaching team from Portsmouth flew to the the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle to help CSI train a new team of facilitators in the north of England. In Autumn 2020, following the unprecedented time of national lockdown, the Called and Gifted leaders were led to a new model of delivery.

In Autumn 2020, with Bishop Philip’s blessing, Called and Gifted Portsmouth opened up charism discernment to intentional disciples UK wide offering access to CSI’s digital learning platform supported by the UK team’s expertise via zoom technology.