Charism of Missionary Work

Definition: Effectively and joyfully using your talents and charisms in a second culture.

Testimony of the Charism of Missionary Work

Discovering my missionary charism has added a third dimension to my entire life. I now understand many things in a deeper way. The culture and language of my childhood have remained, and will remain, my “heart” culture but I notice that I seem to thrive, finding well paid work & making friends easily in countries that are different from my own. 

I am able to appreciate the best of a new culture whilst bringing the best of my own culture to others that I meet. God hasn’t changed but dressed her daughter with a new, let’s say, ‘way of life’. I feel called to be a lay missionary​ in cultures different from my own, in the middle of this world, through my ‘normal’ life. 

“I feel like I’ve been given a ‘super power.”

A Missionary charism seems to make me more aware of how I can use my other charisms, gifts and talents. I feel like I’ve been given a ‘super power’. In this globalised world and in this digital age, it’s great to know that I can help others 24/7, at any moment, everywhere (no need even to travel!). I am particularly drawn to sharing & expressing my faith with Catholics with a different cultural background…. this seems to result in each of us having a richer, more complete understanding of God, as all cultures have their strengths and flaws and are in need of God’s redemptive grace.

The Called & Gifted Process has been a real blessing for me and I can’t recommend it highly enough as a very important part of our journey.