Charism of Administration

Definition: Provides the planning and coordination needed to accomplish good things.

Testimony for the Charism of Administration

That was when there was a little chuckle in my spirit and the realisation that perhaps I needed to reconsider. The Charism of Administration is, of course, not about good filing systems it is about taking an idea/vision and making it happen. Planning, organising, building and problem solving – my favourite things!

“Every day is different but it is a role full of satisfaction and contentment.”

My role within a small Christian charity means I use this charism every day. My job is to ensure the needs of our clients are met and am therefore responsible for ensuring all the structures are set up in the organisation to achieve this, whether it is fundraising, community engagement, volunteer management or working directly with clients.

In the spiritual inventory, I scored highly for both Administration and Service. A key difference between the Charisms is whether there is a need to do tasks oneself (Service) or to delegate (Administration). I am happy to have a go at most things to get a job done, but when I can delegate to others, especially when they are more talented or gifted in the role than myself, it is a great joy. It usually means greater success of the project but also fulfilment to those completing it. Together we really become the hands and feet of Christ and our service becomes an act of worship.

“Together we really become the hands and feet of Christ and our service becomes an act of worship.”

We have good feedback from both our clients and partner agencies for what we do. I have good feedback too from volunteers about how we achieve our goals effectively but also while supporting their needs too. I now have a sense of vocation about what I do, there is both joy and peace. I feel that I have ‘found my place’.